Avalon Psychotherapy Associates

We believe in the right therapist, not “any therapist.”

Who We Help

All Genders & Sexual Orientations

Our Healers welcome and support all sexual orientations and genders.

You won’t have to explain what your identity means, only what it means to you.

All Families & Partners

Our Healers welcome and support diverse families and relationships.

We know that families come in many constellations. We are here to help all families be happy and healthy.

All Bodies

Our Healers welcome and support all sizes, races, and abilities.

This means that we are always learning, confronting, and growing to provide a safe, inclusive, and healing experience for our clients.


We believe in the whole person. You are not a label or diagnosis.

How We Help

Individual Psychotherapy

 Individual psychotherapy is a healthy part of self-care.

Our Therapists are dedicated to helping you discover your wholeness and become effective in your life and relationships.

We focus on helping you develop skills for self-compassion, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.


Family Therapy for Couples & Poly Relationships

All families deserve to be happy and healthy.

We are here to help.

We support couples and non-monogamous relationships to become healthy and fullfilling.

Learn skills for effective communication and create connection and intimacy in your relationships.

Food & Body Image Recovery

We can make peace with food and weight.

Avalon’s services for Eating Disorders is inclusive of all who want to heal, whatever your struggle with food and weight.

Our nutrition counseling is here for individuals and families who want a healthy relationship with food.

Our Healers practice from an Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size perspective.

Classes & Groups for Healing in Community

“I am not alone.”

No matter our troubles, when we discover that we aren’t so different from others, we heal.

Our classes and groups are designed for connection and community.

Join us!

We believe in mind-body unity.

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