Women+’s Wellness Community

at The Avalon Center for Integrative Therapies
Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Connection.  Encouragement.  Accountability.

Do you set health and wellness goals for yourself, only to find that you don’t have the time, energy, or wherewithal to stay consistent?
Do you start and then give up, trying again months later, only to start and stop again?
Do you feel like other women are doing all of these things and there’s something wrong with you or your life that you just can’t “get it together?”

As a therapist who’s worked with women+ for over a decade, and a woman who is a wife, mother, and business-owner myself, I promise you that most other women+ are not doing all of these things and there isn’t something wrong with you that you “can’t get it together.”

Despite decades of feminism, the bulk of the physical, mental, and emotional labor for making a life that runs well for others is squarely placed on our plates.

We are expected to sacrifice our time and efforts so that our families and our workplaces run smoothly.

And, we do make these sacrifices because we’ve learned over and over that if we don’t do it, no one else will.

So, we sacrifice what we need and want in order to do what needs to get done, so it’s not even worse later.

We are told to “put the mask on your own face first,” but, “only after everyone else has their mask.”

There’s a good reason you struggle to priotize your health and well-being. It’s not your fault.

No one is going to tell us to put our health and well-being over theirs.

No one is going to give us permission to prioritize our health and well-being.

We have to give permission to ourselves and each other. 

The Women+’s Wellness Community at
The Avalon Center for Integrative Healing
is here to give you the know-how, support, and community to
truly put yourself first in the ways that will work for you in your life.

What It Is:

The Women+’s Wellness Community is a community of women supporting each other’s self-care, health, and wellness.

We know that community is critical for health and well-being.

We know that research shows that peer support gets much better results than trying to make changes on our own.

We know that community support is not only good for our goals, but it is good for our mental health and happiness.

How It works:

Women+’s Wellness Community members learn how to set achievable wellness goals that are truly aligned with each members’ values for her life and situation.

Women+’s Wellness Community includes:

  • One 90 minute coaching online gathering each month.
  • Private Facebook Group where members share wins, ask questions, and support and encourage each other throughout the month
  • Weekly Email with suggestions, hacks, and ideas, encouragement, and resources for success

How to Join:

Our Comminity is starting soon!

Let us know you’re interested in joining here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How are goals chosen?

During our first online gathering, we learn how to identify goals that are right for us. No goal will be chosen for you. Goals are behavior focused, meaning that our goals are focused on actions and behaviors rather than outcomes. For example, “I will walk 1 mile, 4 times per week,” instead of “I will lose ten pounds.” (By the way, we are weight-neutral and Health At Every Size oriented.)

What if I can’t attend one of the online gatherings?

That’s ok! Online gatherings are recorded and posted on the membership site for anyone to watch later.

Can I change my goals after I’ve started?

Absolutely. One of the Community values is adapting to our circumstances! This means that our goals are flexible and changable depending on what our needs are.

What is your refund policy?

Members agree to a 6 month committment. No refunds are allowed after one week prior to the beginning of a 6 month cohort.

Can I join again once the 6 months is up?

Yes! Members may continue to participate in the community as long as they feel benefits them and the Community is active.

Is this a psychotherapy group?

The Women+’s Wellness Community is not a psychotherapy group, should not be contrued as a psychotherapy group, and no mental health diagnoses or treatment is given.

How can I invite friends or family to join?

Please share the link to this page to invite friends and family to join the Community!

What does it mean that this is a “women+’s” group?

My primary concern is that anyone joining the community feels safe and that the community meets your needs. Any person whose lived experience causes them to relate to the concerns presented on this page is welcome.