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Feed Your Family With Love!

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Hi! I’m Katrina,

Registered Dietitian and mom of three littles. 

I help parents cut through the confusion, create joyful family mealtimes, and raise healthy eaters.

Let’s discover what’s possible for your family!  (It’s easier than you think!)


Why is it so hard to know how

to feed our children?

The Problem

Mealtime is hard for almost all of us.

  • We want mealtime to be happy and connected – instead it’s a power struggle.
  • We want our children to be healthy – instead we worry they only eat junk.
  • We want them to eat  a healthy diet– instead they pick at their food, refuse to eat what we made, or eat all the “wrong” things.
  • We want our children to be free from disordered beliefs about food and their bodies – instead we are stuck with the many of practices we grew up with.



There's a LOT of information out there...

It can feel impossible to know what “healthy” means!

  • Maybe you’re that parent who makes all of your food with organic ingredients, from scratch, and beautifully presented.
  • Maybe you’re that parent who makes five different meals for each meal just to get it DONE.
  • Maybe you’re that parent who’s sitting in the drive-thru for the third time this week.
  • Maybe you are a mix of all of the above.


Then There’s

One thing's for sure, especially if you are a Mom:

Whatever you do,


  • you are worried that you are not feeding your children “right,” and
  • that surely the “Good Parent Police” would cite you if they only knew The Truth of your “wrongness” when it comes to feeding your kids.

We know two things for certain:

Children who eat dinner, at the table, with their family, a few times a week, are more likely to avoid risk-taking behaviors, have better mental health, better physical health, and higher self-esteem.

For most children, when they are fed in a way that supports attunement to their own body’s signals for “what” and “how much,” they develop a healthy relationship with food, mind and body. No conflict necessary.


Here’s How Feeding Your Family With Love Works:

The Solution

Get the knowledge and support you need to confidently feed your family and create the healthy mealtime experience you know you and your children deserve.

You CAN feel confident and clear about your choices when feeding your family.

I’ve created my Feed Your Family With Love parent coaching program to show you how.

You will receive:

  1. Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom – This is THE place to ask questions and get ANSWERS to your specific concerns.
  2. Facebook Group Support – Ongoing daily support! Use as much or as little as you need!
  3. Recipes with Grocery Lists – Mix it up! Nothing crazy here, just great ideas that kids and parents love. Tested in my kitchen and approved by my kids!
  4. Tips and Problem-Solving for Real World Situations
  5. Weekly Challenges to Support Habit Change and Trying New Things!

If this feels like the yummy support you need to stop struggling and start enjoying mealtime, I’d love to support you and your family!

The program is normally priced at $45/week.

However, due to social distancing, I know many families are experiencing financial insecurity.

For a limited time, I am offering Feeding Your Family With Love for $25/week!

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