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Become Financially Whole.


What happens in your body when you read that word?
Calm? At ease? Solid? Confident?
Not so much?

We think of personal finances as a practical matter.

Yet, just this small experiment with the word “money” probably tells you that money is deeply emotional.

Afterall, money is central to our sense of safety, security, and our ability to achieve our desires and ambitions for ourselves and our families.

As women+, we have a gendered relationship with money.

        • We may be charged more for goods and services.
        • We may sense that there is shame in women seeking financial security or independence.
        • Or, we may put our financial trust in a partner and find that we do not have a financial safety net or the ability to leave a relationship that has turned toxic.
        • We may readily sacrifice our own financial future for a partner or family members who expect us to be generous with them without a thought to how it impacts us.
        • In business, we may feel that we cannot charge our worth or pursue payment for services rendered.
        • We may carry fear and shame around debt and out-of-control spending.
However bad it’s gotten, we can fix this.

No matter our circumstances, we can all live with financial wellness.

You may have ambitions of becoming wealthy, or you may want to learn to live within your means and have a little saved up for rainy day expenses.

Whatever our situation and desires, we make decisions and take action with money every day.

Each day is an opportunity to be intentional and aligned with our values and dreams.

Yet, most of us find that we are fear-driven and reactive when it comes to our day-to-day money choices.

When driven by fear, we find that we are living out our fears rather than living out our dreams and values.

We may be so consumed with fear that we do not really know what our financial dreams and values are.

We deserve better. 

We deserve to know what we want.

We deserve to be supported in getting there.

It isn’t that you are not good with money or that you can’t get out of debt or create savings.

You don’t have support and systems in place to ensure that you get out of debt and create savings. 

Let’s change that together.

Healing our financial challenges is not just about behavior change. 

In many ways, we know what we are supposed to do:

Spend less, save more. 

Yet, just like the admonishment to “eat less, move more” sounds simple enough, the fact of our biology, history, resources, and food system, means that this advice is woefully inadequate in helping a person find a healthy relationship with food.

Our financial behavior is also driven by our biology, history, resources, and the financial systems with which we interact – and, just like our food system, our financial systems are not designed to enhance the financial well-being of the individual worker and consumer.

When we bring into our awareness the intersections of these aspects of our financial life, and we have the support of community, we can succeed in making real change.

Some change can be quick.

Other change has to be the result of consistent choices over time.

That’s where we come in.
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