Moms Mothering Moms:

Finding You Again

A Low-Pressure Book Group
for Moms Who Want to Reconnect With Themselves

When we become a Mom, our whole lives change in a moment.

We shift from a broad focus on our lives, interests, goals, and relationships, to a singular focus on caring for our child.

It is common to feel like we disappear into a world of feeding, diapering, and wondering what that stain is…

Suddenly, we feel like we’ve become entirely a mom and find ourselves disconnected from the whole person we used to be.

Join Avalon Healer, Lara Schoen, LMSW, and a small group of moms who are reconnecting with our whole selves.

We will meet twice a month to explore the book, Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself.

Through myth and storytelling, we will explore our experiences as embodied women and mothers.

Together, we will discover our transformed selves.

“You contain a well that will never run dry, though at times it may not feel like this. The well within connects you to the deep source of wisdom, intuition, and instinct that is the heritage of humankind. The challenges of motherhood are an invitation to connect with this source — to descend into your depths to discover the boundless wellspring of creativity, image, and meaning in the inner world. ” Lisa Marchiano, LCSW


Each gathering, we will connect use the stories and mythology connecting us as women and mothers to help us find pieces of ourselves we fear are lost. We will laugh and support one another and find that we are not alone on this journey…
January 19: Get to Know You (no reading)
February 2: Loosing Freedom
February 16: Losing Control
March 2: Losing Ourselves
March 16: Encountering Darkness
April 6: Valuing Darkness
April 20: Embodying Darkness
May 4: Claiming Transcendence
May 18: Claiming Creativity
June 1: Claiming Authority

 “I would love to do this, but I don’t think I could find time to read a book…”

I understand how demanding it is to be a mom, perhaps also work a full- or part-time job, and run the house.

This group is meant for connection.

Haven’t read? No problem.

Can’t attend every meeting? No problem.

However you can show up, you are wanted and welcome.

This time is for you.



Mothers need mothering.

There is so much nurturing and support that growing families need.
There is so little nurturing and support available.
We think we are supposed to be able to do it all with ease.
We think there’s something wrong with us if we can’t do it all.
We think there’s something wrong with us if it’s not easy.
It’s not you.
We can’t change the systems that affect us with a book club, but we can create a nurturing, mothering space for ourselves and each other.
Research shows that group connect and support creates many health and mental health benefits.
Don’t underestimate the power of “I’m not alone…”

Moms Mothering Moms Book Club

Meets via Zoom
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday @ 2:00 PM
Beginning January 19, 2022
Requested Donation: $10 per meeting
Ends June 1, 2022.
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