There’s a saying that “money doesn’t buy happiness.”

But, I call B.S.

Things don’t make us happy. This is true. We buy something and it elevates our mood and outlook for a time, but then that wears off, and we need to buy something else new to recapture that good feeling.

However, using money to buy things is not the only way to use our money. When we use our money to increase our time and our options, we increase our access to happiness and fulfillment.

In this way, money absolutely buys happiness.

We can use our money in this way by focusing on different money management practices depending on our goals and situation.

If money is tight, we can increase our access to choices by starting to create a small savings fund. Saving a little at a time adds up over time.

If we have more flexibility in our financial situation, using our discretionary funds to buy services (increasing control over our time) and experiences (rather than things) will increase our satisfaction. Ensuring that we are always contributing to savings protects our ability to make choices, so always prioritize savings.

Money, used well, does buy happiness.

How can you create more control over your time and expand your choices?

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