How many times have you decided to listen to someone about managing money, only to feel guilt and shame for how you spend money, how you think about money, and what you don’t know about money? So many personal finance educators, advisors, and thought leaders win views and follows with a tough-love approach, but I’m not convinced that it works for most people. If it did, wouldn’t we all be doing what they say and riding off into financial abundance?

 As more and more of my clients have brought financial stressors into the therapy space, I’ve come to see money management as a wellness behavior in need of wellness behavior strategies to heal our financial lives. This means that we can shift how see and relate to money, from something practical and scary, to something that is a process and a practice.

 Money is like water. Water and money flow through our lives, maybe in a torrent or maybe in a trickle. What we do is direct that flow with how we bring money into our lives and where we direct it through and out of our lives and into someone else’s.

Directing the flow of our money is a practice. We are all practicing it, all the time. But the ways in which we are directing our financial flow is, for most people, inefficient and haphazard rather than by intention.

 This isn’t your fault. Americans are woefully under-educated about money, yet, it feels like everyone (especially judging family members) expect us to intuitively just know how to effectively manage our money. THEN, much of the advice we are given does not align with how we actually live. So, we find ourselves living with our old, inefficient practices and we put off change for another day.

 It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • When we come into relationship with our financial flow, we can begin to unwind the stuck places and become empowered in our financial lives.
  •  We begin to step out from under financial guilt and shame and into financial confidence.
  •  We practice having our money work for us, rather than us working for it.
  •  We no longer feel “less than” our money. We run the show.
  •  We release the all-or-nothing pressures we place on ourselves and begin to move with financial flexibility.
  •  We create automatic money flows that direct our money in alignment with our true values and goals. These money flows efficiently build our financial freedom.

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